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Job Opportunities

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Summer Employment
Being on staff at YMCA Camp Ocoee is sacred because we have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the lives of hundreds of children who visit us. Not only that, but we get to spend most of the time outdoors in the beauty of southeastern Tennessee developing lasting friendships, learning important life skills, and getting to play and have fun.

Staff Expectations
Along with the particular expectations illustrated on individual job descriptions, we expect all YMCA Camp Ocoee staff to adhere to certain things, such as the following:

  • To be model servants for our campers and guests; their overall experience and needs must come before our own
  • To model Christian principles and values in EVERYTHING we do, even in front of each other when no campers or guests are around
  • To follow the leadership and direction of camp administrators
  • To adhere to the camp rules and guidelines at all times
  • To put 100% of our effort into doing our jobs
  • To be honest and respectful with one another even if there is a grievance or misunderstanding (Matthew 18:15-16)
  • To be consistent in working with our campers and guests every day, every week
  • To work as one unit—a team of many for one purpose
  • To commit to and actively illustrate the camp’s vision and purpose
  • To have fun and grow!

Christian Values & Emphasis
YMCA Camp Ocoee’s mission follows the YMCA movement’s mission in putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Campers of all faiths and cultural backgrounds attend camp. To meet the goals of our mission, Camp Ocoee has a unique and important tradition of emphasizing the Christian aspect of a camper’s experience. Campers are engaged in daily, Biblical-based devotions. With that said, YMCA Camp Ocoee is not a church-affiliated camp; therefore, we do not engage in matters of Christian doctrine or philosophy.
“I’m Third” – Camp Slogan
(Philippians 2:3-8, Galatians 6:2, Luke 9:57-62, James 4:1-3, John 13:2-17)
I’m Third is a slogan treasured at YMCA Camp Ocoee. It means to put our focus on God 1st, others 2nd, and ourselves 3rd. By doing this, we devote ourselves to lifting up others and therefore spreading the love of Jesus with everyone around us. This type of hospitality and humility is vital in our camp culture.

To apply for a camp position, please read the "Characteristics of a Camp Ocoee Staff Member", complete the Staff Application, and mail to:  YMCA Camp Ocoee, Staff Application, 111 YMCA Drive, Ocoee, TN 37361, fax to 423-338-5507, or e-mail to michael@campocoee.com
Note:  New Staff hiring will begin in January of each year.

By submitting your application for employment you are committing to our "Camper First" philosophy.  The campers physical and emotional needs always come before everything else while you are on duty at camp and away from camp on time off.

Characteristics of a Camp Ocoee Staff Member
Camp Staff Application
Returning Staff Application

Reference Form
Staff Preparation Guide
General Staff Application – Kitchen, Maintenance, Housekeeping

Staff Dates 2016:  May 30, 2016 - August 6, 2016
          Ropes Training: May 23-27, 2016
          Lifeguard Training: May 23-27, 2016

Attention Parents:  Please do not contact us on behalf of your son or daughter.  We are looking for responsible applicants who can take the initiative to apply for their own job.  Thank You.

Ranger Cabin Counselor

Job Description: Directly supervise the basic cabin group, encourage campers to participate in all activities and guide the camper throughout his/her stay at camp.
Min. Education Required: High School Graduate or 18 years of age
Min. Experience Required: Leadership skills/ love for children
Min. Age Required: 17
Salary: $170 - $190 per week
Specific Responsibilities: Live in a cabin with 10-12 campers; teach in specific activities; give daily devotions for the cabin group; take campers on overnight camping trips; set an example of promptness, high standards and values and Christian character.
Required Skills and/or Certifications: Experience working with children; possess at least 2 specific skills to instruct; possess high personal standards and Christian values; have a love for children and a willingness to serve them.

Ropes Director
Job Description: Responsible for all aspects of the adventure, climbing and high ropes programs.
Min. Experience Required: Extensive experience in adventure activities, high ropes and climbing
Min. Age Required: 20
Salary: $195 - $225 per week
Specific Responsibilities: Train all staff; structure class schedules and content; be a "teaching" instructor; set an example of promptness, high standards and values, and Christian character.
Required Skills and/or Certifications: Must have at least 2 years of adventure sport, climbing and high ropes experience and hold a current drivers license .

Program Director
Job Description: Two positions available (1 male, 1 female). Directly supervise, coordinate and plan all aspects of the daily camp program. Supervise all activity staff.
Min. Experience Required: Planning, supervising, problem solving
Min. Age Required: 21
Salary: $225 - $250 per week
Specific Responsibilities: Schedule camper and cabin groups daily activities; Help solve camper problems; plan all evening and special activities; schedule duty roster and staff time off.
Required Skills and/or Certifications: Extensive experience in resident camp; experience with planning and scheduling with attention to detail; ability to supervise staff; possess an attitude of excellence; set Christian example. Must hold a current drivers license with an F4 classification.

Teen Leadership Academy Director
Job Description: Coordinate all aspects of the Teen Leadership Academy (CIT and OAR Programs). Assist and/or lead some of the out of camp tripping programs. Help plan and carry out evening and special camp programming.
Min. Education Required: College Junior
Min. Experience Required: 1 To 2 Years
Min. Age Required: 20
Salary: $195 - $225
Specific Responsibilities: Plan, schedule and supervise specific skills to be learned in the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) and Ocoee Ambassadors in Review (OAR) Programs. Evaluate participants. Advise staff in guidance of CITs and OARs in cabin and activity areas.
Required Skills and/or Certifications: Have experience in a leadership role. Been a camper and/or CIT in a camp setting. Demonstrate A VERY strong personal Christian lifestyle. Must hold a current drivers license with an F4 classification.

Waterfront Director
Job Description: Assume full responsibility for supervision, administration and coordination of all facets concerning the waterfront program.
Min. Education Required: College Senior
Min. Experience Required: Worked at a pool or waterfront
Min. Age Required: 21
Salary: $195- $225 per week
Specific Responsibilities: Supervise and train all aquatic staff; schedule and supervise instructional and general swims and all waterfront activities (canoeing, kayaking, etc.).
Required Skills and/or Certifications: Hold current YMCA, Red Cross or Boy Scout Lifeguard Instructor certification; Safety, Safety, Safety is #1 priority. Benefits: Directing; problem solving; planning; team building; communication. Must hold a current drivers license with an F4 classification.

Food Service
Job Description: Work in food service area: cooks, prep-cooks and dishwashers.
Min. Experience Required: some food service experience
Min. Age Required: 17
Salary: $7.25-8.25 per hour
Specific Responsibilities: Provide healthy food to 250 campers; quality and cleanliness are a must.
Required Skills and/or Certifications: Team player; attention to cleanliness; promptness; adaptable.

YMCA Camp Ocoee
111 YMCA Drive
Ocoee, TN 37361
phone:(423) 338-5588
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